Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software

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Are you looking for best free data recovery software?

When by mistake any important data is deleted from our hard disk, it creates a lot of problems for us and its recovery also become headache for us.  Are you looking for free data recovery? There are some free data recovery tools available for data recovery and we can get our lost data easily. Often people complain that these tools are not working , this is because they do not follow few instructions while recovering data. So it is very important to know few instructions before data recovery.

1. First stop using that hard drive or partition from where you want to recover your deleted files. suppose you are trying to recover files from c drive then any activity me over right them.

2. Do not install or extract data recovery software on hard drive from which you have to recover your lost data.

3. Do not save your recovered files on the same drive from which you have recovered your lost files.

Now we know about few free data recovery software. These software are available free, you can download them for free and use them to recover your lost data.

These are Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software


free data recovery

It is a free data recovery software from piriform. It is a simple and easy to use software . Deep scan mode is available in this data recovery software and it is capable of recovering files deleted from recycle bin, memory cards and other portable devices. It can work up to Windows 7 32-bit. It is available in portable version ie. you can run this data recovery software directly from download file.

Download here :

Pandora Recovery


This free data recovery software is capable of recovering files from your hard drives which are permanently deleted. It has a preview mode where you can view your recoverable text and images. It also has a surface scan option , where you can search files from corrupt or reformatted partitions. This free data recovery software is compatible up to Windows 7.

Download here :

Tokiwa Data Recovery

This is the most easy to use free data recovery software available in the market. It has very simple user interface. It has a scan button to scan recoverable files. You can also search specific file by typing its name in the search box. This free data recovery tool also has a Wipe button , it can permanently delete all recoverable files excluding operating system files.

Download here :



This is a very simple free data recovery tool. It supports files like NTFS1.0, NTFS2.0, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. This data recovery tool is available in both portable and installer versions. You can run it portable version directly from download file , there is no need to install in this version of software.

Download here :


Avira UnErase personal

Avira UnErase personal is little older free data recovery than all above written tools. This free data recovery software not only supports files like NTFS1.0, NTFS2.0, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 but also dynamic discs, software and hardware RAID , velumesets and strive sets. Its interface consumes less memory. It is also available in portable version , as told above there is no need to install portable version, you can run it directly.

Download here :

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