Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020

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Looking for Best Kitchen Chimney in India?

If your answer is yes then you are at right place. We have collected the list of best kitchen chimney in India. Here you will come to know about the hindware chimney,  Faber chimney,  elica chimney, Glen chimney, Kalf chimney and also kitchen chimney price.

Kitchen Chimney makes your kitchen clean, absorb smoke and fumes from the kitchen and makes kitchen oil-free. In addition to these advantages kitchen chimney brings a stylish look to your modern kitchen. So, you can save time and energy using this latest feature.

Mainly, this chimney is very helpful to our Indians because most of our Indian food contains too much oils, masalas, fries and gravy curries. This cooking are delicious but takes more time for cleaning, gives smoke and odour which disturbs the mood. Then this kitchen chimney will help you a lot in the cleaning section, makes smoke and oil-free kitchen and you can have delicious food every day with less work.

When you are looking for chimney you have to look for type of filter present in it, there are 3 types of filters Cassette filters, Baffle filter and Carbon filter and also with more suction power. Cleaning kitchen chimney is a very boring and time consuming process. Many of the following listed chimney comes with auto clean feature. You can find the best auto clean chimney for kitchen.

You have to look whether the chimney is auto clean or not and most of people look for designs whether it is convectional or contemporary.

Why is it Called Kitchen Chimney?

A kitchen hood which contains a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove in the kitchen. This kitchen hood removes the heat, smoke, odour, grease, steam, combustion products and fumes from the air present in the kitchen by the filtration process.  In this process, some chimneys exhaust the polluted air to the outside environment and some are recirculated the air back to the kitchen. In this recirculating systems, filters are used to remove the odours.

By using this electric chimney, there will be no problem of smoke, watery eyes, sticking of food particles to the walls or changing the colour of the walls in the kitchen. This is the best hood to the kitchen and hence named as Kitchen Chimney.

How Does a Kitchen Chimney Works?

Generally during cooking, a lot of solid and liquid microscopic particles with size 1 to 10 micrometres in diameter are released in the kitchen. These are called Particulates or Particulate matter (PM).

It consists of smoke, water vapour, oil fumes, aromatic fumes and bits of food. These particles are harmful to our health. It should be cleaned using chimneys, exhausting fans, windows and ventilators.

These particulates stick to walls, ceiling, and appliances and for some days a yellowish tinge forms on the things. So, it should be cleaned immediately. Here the Kitchen Chimney helps you in immediate cleaning.

Kitchen Chimney is a ventilation device. The air in the kitchen sucks by the chimney and the oil and smoke droplets occurred during cooking are drawn into the chimney.

These are passed through the filters and the filters in the chimney trap the grease while the ducts extract the smoke and moisture from the kitchen and releases in the outside environment. Now the kitchen remains ventilated with fresh air and odour-free.

What size chimney is best for you?

60 cm Kitchen Chimney90 cm Kitchen Chimney
This is meant for a stove with 2 to 4 burners, which is a normal size for domestic or household purpose.This is meant for a stove with 3 to 5 burners, which is a bigger size for commercial or restaurant kitchen purposes.

Top Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020

1. Elica OSB HAC TOUCH BF 60 wall mounted chimney

Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney

Elica OSB HAC TOUCH Chimney comes in stainless steel and curved glass finish to enhance the look of your kitchen.

It measures around 60 cm in size which is suitable for around 3 to 4 burners. The operation of the chimney has become very easy with just touch button facility.

The heat-auto clean technology uses the heat to clean the sticky or oily residuals accumulated in thechimney, which are then moved into the oil collector and becomes easy to clean manually with just a push button.

The baffle filters work very well to keep your kitchen clean from any residuals, smoke or oily substance. The two LEDs helps in enlightening your cooking area with power saving.

The Chimney cleaning have now become very easy just because of oil collector feature.

The suction capability is up to 1200m3/hr. to keep your kitchen smoke free. It is fit for the kitchen up to 200 sqft or for heavy frying and grilling.

The auto clean feature helps to clean the collection chamber by using heat or water. It has proven effective in removing the odor from your kitchen and give you fresh feel. It comes with 5 year warranty on motor and 1 year warranty on the unit.

2. Hindware Nevio 60 auto clean wall mounted Chimney

Hindware Nevio 60 chimney

Hindware chimney are known for their good build quality and less price. The Hindware Nevio in 60 cm width comes in a stainless steel finish and it is the best kitchen chimney suitable for 3 to 4 burners.

The oil collector cup collects the oil and other residuals and with just a touch of button the thermal auto clean function helps in cleaning the oil which might get deposited inside to meet the demand of different parts of the country.

The ergonomic design and 1200 m3/hr. suction capacity helps in keeping the kitchen smoke free. Oil and other residuals settles in the stainless steel baffle and makes it easier for the air to flow freely in between the filters.

The metallic blower consumes less power, gives lasting operational life and have a high suction capacity.

It is suitable for kitchen size up to 200 sqft, also can be proven best for heavy frying and grilling. The baffle filter requires cleaning once in a year.

The auto collection chamber is cleaned using water or heat. Also proven effective in removing any kind of odor. It come with 1 year comprehensive warranty and 5 years on motor.

3. Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO wall mounted Chimney


Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO wall mounted Chimney comes in metallic finish body measuring 60 cm which is suitable for 3 to 4 burners. This Elica chimney comes in stylish glass curved body and it compliments your interiors.

The low maintenance appliance with least noise production and with a suction capability of 1100 m3/hr. keeps the kitchen odor and smoke free.

The baffle filters are now easy to clean which absorbs the oil and other residuals emitted during cooking and gives your kitchen a healthy and fresh environment. The baffle requires once a year cleaning to maintain its durability.

The usability of the chimney have now become hassle free because of its easy push button working up to a three level speed. The LEDs help in saving the power consumption and enlightens your kitchen to give you a better view.

It is suitable for a kitchen measuring up to 200 sqft. And also for heavy grilling and frying. The filters require regular manual cleaning. It works effectively in removing the odor from the cooking area. It comes with warranty of one year.

4. Hindware Sabina BLK 60 wall mounted Chimney


The Hindware Sabina measuring 60 cm comes in black and inox (silver) color with stainless steel and compact size to match up with your interiors.

The 1100 m3/hr. suction capacity is a prominent feature to keep the kitchen smoke- free and give you clean and fresh effect. The excess oil or residuals in the environment released during cooking are settled in the baffle filter which makes easy way for air to flow in chimney filters.

The inbuilt LED and power motor saves your excess energy consumption and creates less noise. The one touch push button technology makes it more comfortable and easy to use.

It is best kitchen chimney suitable for kitchen size below 200 sqft and for heavy frying or grilling. The baffle filter requires cleaning once in a year. The regular manual cleaning of filters is essential to keep the air fresh and oil free and to avoid any odor. It comes with 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.

5. Elica Pyramid BF Chimney


The Elica Pyramid BF Chimney comes with compact size,suction capacity of 875 cubic meters per hour, and 2 incandescent lamps which brightens up your cooking area


  • Compact design : saves lots of space in kitchen
  • Suction capacity of 875 cubic meters per hour
  • 2 incandescent lamps which brightens up your cooking area
  • Baffle filter: so it can be cleaned and maintained easily
  • Power efficient 130 watt
  • Push button panel control gives easy access to all features

6. Faber Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60 wall mounted chimney


Faber Hood Tratto Plus wall mounted chimney comes in 60 cm size which is suitable for 3 to 4 burners. Faber chimney are very popular in Indian kitchen.

The baffle filter requires half yearly cleaning as it is designed especially for Indian kitchens which turns separates vapor from grease particles.

The powerful motor gives durable performance and creates minimum noise to give you peaceful environment while cooking.

It comes with LEDs fitted which gives more brightness to your cooking area and less power consumption with long lasting effect. Operating the chimney have now become easier because of the speed control buttons provided for suction speed and for light.

The suction capability is of 1000 m3/hr with 3 level speed control which ensures that your kitchen is free from oil, grease or other residuals and give you fresh and clean look.

The filters require manual cleaning regularly. This chimney is efficient enough in removing the odor. IT comes with 1 year warranty on the unit and 12 years on the motor.

7. Sunflame INNOVA 60 AUTO CLEAN wall and ceiling mounted chimney


Sunflame INNOVA wall and ceiling mounted chimney comes in stainless steel and glass finish in 60 cm measurement which is suitable for 3 to 4 burners. The baffle filters are fitted to make space for air to flow easily between the filters. The baffle filters require half yearly cleaning to keep the life more durable and efficient. The in-built two LEDs helps in saving power and enlightening your kitchen. The auto- clean feature uses water or heat to clean collection chambers.

It is suitable for kitchen size up to 200 sqft and for heavy frying or grilling. The suction capacity is of 1100 m3/hr. which helps in keeping your kitchen free from oil smoke or any other cooking residuals. The chimney is proven efficient in removing odor. It comes with warranty of 1 year on the product.

8. Faber 60cm 1095m3/hr chimney: Rs 13,900


This faber chimney has 3 layers Baffle filter in it, with 3d suction capacity and low level of energy consumption.


  • Motor capacity: it have well regulated suction capacity
  • 3d suction capacity: it helps to remove smoke faster
  • Noise level: have very less noise level ,so can be used without any disturbance
  • Filters: it have 3 layer baffle filter so grease will be trapped and can be cleaned easily
  • Comes with less or low level of energy consumption
  • It has long durability
  • Capacity:1095 m3/hr

9. Glen 6075 SS BF


This glen chimney comes with easy clean baffle filter, powerfull lamps, dynamic airflow and powerful suction of 750m3/h.


  • Baffle filter: so it can be cleaned and maintained easily
  • Italian motor with top for thermal overload protector
  • Power suction of 750m3/h
  • Push button controls for easy access and with convenient speed
  • Powerful lamps to brighten up cooking area and ease your cooking

10. GLEN Cooker hood 6071EX 60cm Wall mounted Chimney


Glen cooker hood measuring 60 cm comes in stainless steel with powder coating material. The properly located LED lights helps you in saving power consumption and enlightens the cooking area brightly.

The elegantly curved designed  glen chimney compliments your cooking area with high durability. Cleaning the baffle filters have now become very easy without blocking the way of air flow.

The working of the chimney is now just a button away, you can control its 3 level speed by just pushing a button also it have light indication for power on for chimney. The anti-flame and pure copper wire fitting ensures the durability and safety for using. 1000 m3/hr. Suction capability leaves your kitchen odor less and free from fumes after cooking.

The specialty of being fitted with Italian motor which comes with thermal overload protector puts the chimney off, in case it exceed certain level of heating.

It is suitable for 3 to 4 burners. The filters require regular manual cleaning. The warranty on the unit extends for another 6 six after its 1st year warranty.

11. Kaff NERO MX 60 wall mounted chimney


Kaff NERO MX wall mounted chimney is designed in stainless steel material measuring 65 cm which easily matches your royal interiors and enhances its beauty. It is suitable for 3 to 4 burner.

The compact sized chimney comes with a powerful suction capacity of 1080 m3/hr. to keep your kitchen free from grease, oil and smoke free.

The maximum sound produced by this chimney is of around 62 dba, which is hardly heard and you can cook peacefully. The operations are also very easy by just 3 levels of speed.

This chimney is ideal for a kitchen space of around or less than 200 sqft area and with heavy frying or grilling.

The advanced cassette filters holds the grease from the kitchen to give you clean environment to cook. It requires cleaning every 15 days. The filters need manual cleaning regularly. The 5 year warranty covers the motor and the unit as well.

12. Kaff FIM BF 60 Cm Wall Mounted Chimney


Kaff FIM BF Wall mounted chimney comes in 60 cm measurement curved steel finish which is suitable for 3 to 4 burners.

The suction capacity is up to 1080 m3/hr. which helps in keeping the cooking space free from smoke. LEDs are fitted in it so as to provide more brightness to your cooking area with less consumption of power.

The baffle filters are designed to collect the oil, smoke or cooking residuals and provide good flow of air. The baffle filters require half yearly cleaning. To give you peace of mind while cooking, this chimney works at a very low level of noise.

The cleaning of the filters can be done by just soaking them in dish wash liquid for around 15 mins then gently scrub them and then complete your cleaning by drying them off.

It is ideal for kitchen size up to 200 sqft and for heavy frying or grilling. The filters require regular manual cleaning.

The chimney is effective enough in removing the odor and giving fresh kitchen. The best part is the warranty which is for life time.

13. Prestige GKH 600Â CS


The Prestige GKH 600Â CS comes with Two LED lamps, Baffle filter, and Stainless steel body. This prestige kitchen chimney is also has baffle filter.


  • This is 60cm or 2 feet wide chimney
  • It is made of high quality heat resistant tempered glass
  • It has 850 m3/hr suction power
  • Two LED lamps light up the surrounding area so cooking will be easier
  • Baffle filter: so it can be cleaned and maintained easily

Best Chimney Buying Guide 2020

There are multiple options available in the market to choose from with different specifications and features.  Go through this stepwise guide to know the best option for you.

Types of Kitchen Chimney

  1. Wall Mounted Chimney: These chimneys are supported by wall and installed adjacent to it. It covers the wall just above the stoves completely for a firm attachment.
  2. Built-in Chimney: This chimney is built inside the duct or wall above the gas and can’t be seen open. Just the filter is outside and the rest body hidden inside. It helps to give a decent look to the kitchen.
  3. Island Chimney: They hang in mid of the kitchen when the stove is placed in mid of the kitchen, to ensure the complete coverage from between.
  4. Corner Chimney: They are situated in the corner of the kitchen and takes support of the two adjacent corner walls. These are meant for stoves located in the corner of the kitchen

Suction Power of Chimney

Actually, Suction power of chimney was mainly depended on the size of your home and kitchen. If your home contains 1 to 3 rooms, you need a suction power of 500m3/hr to 650m3/hr chimney to your kitchen. If your home contains a bigger kitchen, then you need a suction power of 650m3/hr to 1000m3/hr chimney.

If you want suction power with exact calculation, then calculate the air volume in your kitchen. The kitchen containing chimney should able to change the air 10 times per hour.

First, calculate the volume of the kitchen and then multiply the volume by 10.

For example,

If your kitchen having a width 4m, length 4m and height 2.5m, then the volume of kitchen = W x L x H = 4 x 4 x 2.5= 40m3.

Now multiply this volume by 10.  Then 40m3 x 10 = 400m3.

So, your kitchen at least needs a suction power of chimney with 400m3/hr.

Types of Chimney Filter

Based on the material, structure and filtering process, chimney filter types are classified into three types. 1. Cassette filter 2. Baffle Filter 3. Carbon Filter

Cassette Filter: It is made up of aluminuim mesh which is stocked to each other. The air passes through the gaps of the mesh. The oil and grease particles struck at this mesh aluminuim thread and send the purified air to outside. For some days, these grease and oil particles on the mesh reduce the suction capacity of the chimney. So this mesh should be cleaned once in a week for better performance.

Baffle filter: This is a flow control panel made in multiple curve structure. In the kitchen, the air passes through this curve and changes the direction of smoke air. This process brings down the oil and grease particles to the baffle filter and for some days it affects the suction power of the chimney. These filters should be washed once in 3 months. It can run for years without replacement. These filters are best for Indian masala food items. These are best option for Indian food type and are widely sold.

Carbon Filter: It is also known as a charcoal filter because it is made of black charcoal. These are best for absorbing bad odour present in the kitchen. It is an optional filter. It is used without duct or along with baffle or cassette filter. The oil and smoke particles in this filter reduce the suction capacity of the chimney. So it should be replaced once in 6 months depending on the intensity of the cooking. Its strength depends upon the granule size and filter thickness.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Indian foods need vinegar, spices and smoke-producing agents. Here these kitchen chimneys are very helpful in removing smoke, oil particles and odour. But for some days these oil and grease particles remain in filters and reduces the suction power. So, we should clean these filters carefully by the following methods.

  1. Baffle filters need cleaning with mild detergent and warm water to remove the grease particles from the filter.
  2. Mesh filter contains small oil particles, so it needs to clean once in a week.
  3. Before cleaning the chimney, first, soak the filters in warm water to loosen the grime.
  4. Harsh detergents should not be used because it may scar the surface.
  5. Remove the internal mesh layers and clean them separately for better results.
  6. Sometimes mild detergent and warm water also cannot remove the particles present in the filter, then use sodium hydroxide or caustic soda for cleaning the baffle filters. This process is very dangerous and the faint of the heart should stay away in this method. Use gloves during the cleaning because its fumes are very dangerous. Place the baffle filter on the metal or glass tray under the tap and now sprinkle the caustic soda on the filter and leave it for 1 hour. This method should be done with a distance, do not inhale deeply. Now open the tap and let overflow on the filter, take care that overflow should not reach you. After cleaning you can see the baffle filter sparkling.
  7. Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned, they should replace for every six months.
  8. Duct tape chimneys need a soap scrub once in a month. These are easy to maintain than baffle or mesh filters.

What is the difference between the Ducted Chimney and Ductless Chimney?

The kitchen chimneys are of two types. Ducted and Ductless Kitchen Chimneys. The working of these two systems is having a few differences.

Ducted Chimney contains a hood, a motor, filters and hose pipes and an elaborate ducting system. The ducts should be properly plumbed and integrated into the masonry. It is placed directly above the stove for maximum ventilation. These chimneys are more efficient because they have a high suction power and can remove heat and avoid condensation.

Chimney With Duct

A ductless Chimney contains a carbon filter added to the parts of the ducted chimney but does not contains ducts. In this system, first, the polluted air enters into the primary filter which removes the oil droplets. Then it enters into the carbon filter which removes the bad odour, smoke and humid air. Then the air is recycled and released back into the house while the ducted chimney releases the air outside the environment. These chimneys are not good at maintaining the temperature down. These are very flexible and can relocate around the house.

Chimney Without Duct

The polluted air is totally sent out through ducted chimney and the pollution air is recycled and released back into the home through the ductless chimney. Ducted chimneys are very expensive, but their filters are washable and cost less and also easy to maintain. Where the Ductless chimneys cost less but the carbon filters in it are not washable. So, it should be replaced for every few months.

Advanced Features in Chimneys

Auto clean chimneys: If you switch ON the chimney, the coil that covers the motor heats up for 15 to 20 min. Then the oil in the kitchen gets liquidized and brings outside. After cleaning, the chimney automatically stops by itself.

Split Chimney: In this system, the motor is installed outside the kitchen, hence the sound is reduced.

Convertible Kits: There is a chance to convert the ducting chimney into the ductless chimney in some brands by using kits.

Soundproof Kits: These chimneys works on absolutely no noise.

Detachable Oil Collector: The oil particles in the kitchen gets collected in it and is easy to detach and clean. Hence it improves the efficiency of the filter.

Auto Heat Sensor: It automatically ON the system when it detects the heat in the kitchen, then it cleans the oil particles and automatically switches OFF.

Indicator/Buzzer: It contains Indicator lamps or alarms for cleaning filter or replacement.

LED Light: It provides sufficient lightning for cooking.

Soft Touch Push Buttons: It provides marvelous modern look to your kitchen and are easy to use.

The Kitchen chimney makes the kitchen oil-free, smoke-free and fresh. Along with this, it also brings rich and elegant looking to your kitchen. Now you can make delicious foods using masalas, fries, gravy curries, tandoori dishes, etc., without scaring of the cleaning process.

Benefits of kitchen chimney

Final words

It was complete list of best kitchen chimney available in Indian market. Selection of kitchen chimney totally depends upon your kitchen space. So it is very important to ensure that there is sufficient space in your kitchen for installing chimney. You should also consider suction capacity of the chimney. You should also go for branded chimney as they give you warranty and good after sale service.

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