Best Gaming Mouse in India-2022

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Are you looking for best gaming mouse in India 2020? You want to know how to choose the best gaming mouse? There are many brands and models of gaming mouse in market. It will be difficult for you to choose the right gaming mouse.

I have provided a list of 10 excellent gaming mouse from India with advanced and latest features. A gaming mouse is same as desktop mouse but with additional features which suits it for playing a game.

Important things to be considered before buying a gaming mouse

  • Design
  • Features
  • Price

I have included Logitech, Dragon war, Red gear, RIPJAW, HP, Lenovo, Zebronics gaming mouse with price ranging between 100-5000 rupees.

Most of the models in this article comes with programmable buttons for selecting specific action and Adjustable DPI (Dots per Inch) which relates to sensitivity of the mouse.

The gaming mouse in this list are ergonomically designed which gives grip and best fit in your hands.

The other feature to be considered are weight, sensor (optical or laser), wired/wireless/RGB, LED lighting.With this essential information, come let’s have a look at the best gaming mouse in India.  

Best Gaming Mouse in India 2020

1. Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 is best gaming mouse in India 2020 with advanced features. It provides accurate tracking, rapid response up to 16,000 DPI with its enhanced optical sensor.

You can customize and save up to five removable game profiles in this mouse to play. Its advanced 11 programmable buttons give you excellent gaming experience.  

It has Dual- mode hyper- fast scroll wheel which gives you rapid and precise movements. It come with USB data format which gives you high performance.

Its personalized weight and balance tuning option provides you space to arrange up to five 3.6g weights in mouse. RGB On-Board memory, Sniper button/DPI shift are it advanced features.

It is compatible windows 7/windows 8/windows 10 and MAC OS 10.11 or its updated version. G502 with Hero sensor and advanced features, it is the best budget gaming mouse in India 2020.

2. Dragonwar Red Gear Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse

The Red Gear Dragon war Emera ELE-G11 model is the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India. This mouse comes with six control buttons with specific function.

It allows you to quickly access the buttons and makes you to play with ease. Its Ergonomic design gives you much comfort and best fit in your hands while playing.

It provides optimum sensitivity with four selectable DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200.This mouse comes with 1.2m long braided cable and a gold plated USB 2.0 connector which provides durability.

This mouse comes with LED lighting and Scroll button. It is compatible with Windows XP and updated version.

You will get excellent gaming experience with Red gear dragon war mouse. With all these enhanced features, it is the best budget gaming mouse in India.  

3. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Wired BlueTrack and Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse with Macro Function

Dragon war ELE-G9 Thor Blue sensor gaming mouse is specially designed for professional players with advanced features. It is the best gaming mouse in India 2020.

Its Ergonomic design provides excellent grip for the players, which makes them to feel much comfort while playing.

It is also provided with Mouse pad for enhancing the grip of the mouse making it more efficient along with LED lighting facility.

It can be used on any surface without performance issue.

This mouse comes with 7 control buttons. You can customize the programmable mouse as per your choice.

This Macro function in gaming mouse give you rapid and efficient access to the specific function while playing game.

The Blue sensor with 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI resolution provides high performance. 

This mouse comes with 1.8 m mouse cable and gold plated USB which provides increased durability. It is the best gaming mouse under 2000 in India with advanced features.

4. Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse

Red gear A20 gaming mouse is an excellent choices with advanced features. It is one of the best budget gaming mouse in India 2020.

This mouse comes with advanced gaming grade sensor. This gaming mouse is equipped with 7 programmable buttons. You can customize it according to your convenience.

This feature allows you to access the specific function easily with one press while playing game. It has enhanced DPI sensor. It has DPI up to 4800 which provides fast movements while playing.

You can adjust from one mode to other using DPI setting. It comes with stylish Ergonomic model which provides grip on all surface.

This RGB gaming model comes with software where you can customize up to 16.8 million colors.

It is equipped with 1.8m braided cable which helps to increase its durability. This is the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India with full customization option.  

5. Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

RIPJAW wireless professional gaming mouse comes with unique In-built rechargeable Li-ion battery. It is the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India.

You can play game while charging your mouse with USB cable. This is the latest Dual gaming mode option.

It comes with metal bottom plate for better grip and optimum precision. It is the latest light weight gaming mouse with ergonomic design and better performance.

It is equipped with 3 level DPI: 1600/2400/3200 for accurate tracking. You can enjoy noiseless and durable click with silent click feature.

It comes with advanced 7D multifunctional buttons which provides easy and efficient access to the specific functionality while playing.

This gaming mouse comes with new generation laser senor technology which provides precise sensitivity than traditional sensor.

Micro-fiber gaming mat with pinpoint precision is another feature of this gaming mouse. This is the best budget gaming mouse in India with high quality.

6. HP M100 Wired Gaming Optical Mouse

HP M100 is a wired gaming mouse with advanced features. It has adjustable DPI: 1000/1600 which provides optimum sensitivity.

It is equipped with Optical sensor which gives you smooth response with high precision. You can use this mouse with or without mouse pad.

This gaming mouse works effectively on almost all surface without any issues. It provides precise tracking and rapid performance.

It is designed with scroll wheel with which you can scroll fast movements easily.

It is best budget gaming mouse in India. This mouse comes with a cord, which makes it easy to connect with your computer USB port.

This gaming mouse is compatible with your computer, laptop and gaming box.

You can enjoy your game wherever you want with this easy connect mouse. HP is a reputable brand which manufactures quality products with good service.

This is the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India with good performance.

7. Lenovo Gaming Mouse-M200 (GX30P93886)

Lenovo Legion M200 RGB gaming mouse is specially designed to provide more comfort and durability for players.

This reliable gaming mouse is suitable for both right and left hand users. Its features are well planned and equipped accordingly, hence beginners can learn well with this 150g weight gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse comes with 5 programmable button which provide high performance.

This buttons allows you to access specific function with single click and makes it more comfortable to play.  

It has four levels of DPI up to 2400. This provides precise tracking and give you excellent gaming experience. 7-color circulating backlight is a highlight feature of this mouse.

The connectivity is made simple with braided cable USB interface. This gaming mouse supports with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS.

This is the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India for players who want to learn and excel in games.

8. Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G304 light speed wireless technology gaming mouse is designed for professional gamers with advanced and latest features.

It comes with superior Hero-sensor feature with 12,000 DPI which provides accurate tracking and maximum acceleration with smooth performance.

It has unique long battery life, which extends up to 9 months. With G304 gaming mouse you can switch from performance mode during normal gaming and endurance mode for saving battery life.

You can enjoy long hours of playing with this gaming mouse. G304 is ultra-light weight gaming mouse with only 99g weight.

It is equipped with built in Nano receiver storage. With this feature you can play with this gaming mouse both in laptop and desktop.

The 6-programmable buttons helps you to change to the specific action easily with a single click. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS advanced versions.

This innovative designed mouse is the best gaming mouse under 5000 in India.  

9. Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB Gaming Mouse

Zebronics Zeb-Feather gaming mouse has premium quality USB connector with strong braided cable of 1.8 m.

This gaming mouse is easy to connect and play with simple installation feature. It comes with adjustable gaming grade DPI sensor: 1000, 1600, 2200, and 3000).

You can change the DPI setting with single click. It provides high sensitivity to your gaming mouse with its advanced optical sensor giving you rapid movements.

It has rectangular mouse pad with textured surface and anti-slip bottom provides extra grip to the mouse and gives you good gaming experience.

This mouse works on almost all the surface. It has long button life of 3 million cycles. It comes with 6 buttons (left, right, forward, backward, center and center scroll button).

This high end programmable button give you option to access the specific action with just a single click. This is the best budget gaming mouse in India with advanced technology.

10. HP G360 Gaming Mouse (4QM92AA)

HP G360 is an innovative gaming mouse with latest features. It is the best gaming mouse in India 2020 with superior options for professional gamers.

Its Ergonomic design with Anti-slip base provides additional grip and best fit in the hands of the player. It is the best gaming mouse in India 2020.

This gives you excellent gaming experience. This high end gaming mouse come with programmable 6-Buttons option. You can customize according to you convenience.

This option helps you to select the specific action quickly while playing. It has adjustable DPI up to 6200 which provides high sensitivity and precise tracking.

The sides of the gaming mouse is surrounded by RGB colorful LED light. It has USB port with Gold-plated interface which provides easy connectivity.

It is compatible with Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India with excellent features.

After reading this article, I hope now you will be able to choose the best gaming mouse in India. More than technical aspect, choosing a gaming mouse depends on personal preference. You can choose your comfortable model with these provided information.

 It is not that only expensive products gives you what you need. The gaming mouse I have mentioned here are mostly available for affordable price with excellent features. A gaming mouse should enhance your gaming skill, which is an essential factor for a professional gamer.

If you still have any queries regarding gaming mouse, please mention in the comment box. We are glad to help you.

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