Best Gaming Monitor in India Review & Buying Guide

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Best Gaming Monitor in India

This article guide you to buy the best gaming monitor from the market. I have prepared a list of 10 best gaming monitor and explained each product with its specific features.

Playing games helps to reduce stress. So it is very essential to select the comfortable gaming monitor with affordable price.

I have mainly added tournament gaming monitors specially designed for competitors. The monitors in this list are new generation products with latest and advanced technology. So, gamers need not to worry, this article helps you to pick the best gaming monitor that helps to improve your gaming skill and win the game.

Samsung, ASUS, BenQ Zowie, LG, Acer are the top brands I have described here. The essential features that you should consider before purchasing a monitor are:

  • Screen size
  • Screen resolution
  • Aspect ratio
  • Refresh rate
  • Response time

With these basic information let us go into the detailed study of each product which provides you with clarity to purchase the best gaming monitor.

Best Gaming Monitor in India 2020

1. BenQ Zowie 24-Inch PC Gaming Monitor - RL2455

BenQ Zowie 24-Inch PC Gaming Monitor - RL2455

RL2455 ultra-fast-E-sports PC gaming monitor is specially designed for professional players. It is built with latest Lag-free technology which provides real time response.

It is equipped with excellent frame to avoid visual disturbances. It helps in competitive gaming by providing smooth and fast image with typical 75 Hz refresh rate.

Its 1ms response time helps in clear and accurate display if moving objects while playing. It is provided with standard 1080p screen resolution for crystal clear visualization of monitor.

This monitor is enhanced with FPS and FTG modes which helps to switch between with a click of a key. Black equalizer helps to visualize the dark areas, which is an added advantage for players.

It is the true e-sport monitor with the flicker-free technology which give extended comfort to play for long duration.

This 24 inch gaming monitor is an optimal size which provides good quality image. It comes with inbuilt speaker which is an added advantage.

It is the Best Ig gaming monitor with advanced connectivity features.

2. BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitor- XL2411

BenQ Zowie XL2411 is an e-sports tournament gaming monitor accepted globally by professional players. It comes with a unique Dynamic Accuracy technology which helps in accurate vision clarity while playing game.

It is equipped with 144 Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming and 1ms response time for rapid game movement. It is an extraordinary monitor with color vibrance.

It comes with standard 1080p screen resolution which provides clear vision. This gaming monitor is built with angle and removable pattern which helps shield to accept diverse situation.

Its S Switch allows to switch easily between modes that is saved. The Black eQualizer gives clear vision even in dark scenes without disturbing other areas of the screen. 

You can adjust the height of the monitor and view of the angle with personalize viewing angles feature which provides ultimate comfort.

The XL-series LCD frame of the monitor helps the player to have increased concentration towards game. This 24 inch gaming monitor is an excellent product with updated features.

3. Asus 24-inch Gaming Monitor, Built-in Stereo Speakers - VG248QE

VG248Qe computer gaming monitor gives you rapid and smooth gaming experience with 144Hz refresh rate.

Its 1ms response time provides high quality visual, which is an essential feature for competitors. Asus gaming monitor is equipped with Full HD 1080p screen resolution and smart contrast ratio with 350cd/m2 of brightness.

This provides clear and accurate visuals. It is ergonomically designed with adjustable height and swivel pivot which provides comfortable view while playing.

This monitor comes with multi connectivity portal to connect Display, dual-link and HDMI.

It has built-in 2W stereo speakers for amusing gaming experience with duel link up option. Splendid video intelligence technology provides enhanced visual clarity and option to shift towards 6 different video modes with a click.

You can experience 3D gaming and enhanced brightness with its latest NVIDIA 3D vision 2 glass technology and Light Boost Technology.

ASUS Game plus is a unique feature of this monitor with LED backlit. It is standard 24-inch computer gaming monitor with immense features.

4. BenQ Zowie 24-inch Gaming Monitor -XL2411P

XL2411P gaming monitor is specially designed for E-sports. It provides you rapid fast and smooth gaming experience with 144 Hz refresh rate.

This standard 24-inch gaming monitor comes with 1ms response time. This gives you real time gaming experience by anti-ghosting and lag eradication.

It is equipped with 1080p screen resolution. Its color vibrance and Black eQualiser provides crystal clear visual along with color customization option.

This gaming monitor has multiple connectivity for Display, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI and Microphone.

With this ergonomically designed monitor you can adjust the height up to 130mm, tilt and swivel according to you comfort.

It gives you ultimate comfort to your eyes with its low blue light and flicker free technology. It has unique bezel frame for minimal visual distractions.

Enjoy 3D gaming with NVidia 3D vision. It comes with 3-years warranty on-site. It is the best gaming monitor with excellent features.

5. BenQ 28-inch Gaming Monitor, Built-in Speakers-EL2870U

BenQ 28-inch Gaming Monitor, Built-in Speakers-EL2870U

EL2870U is a 4K High dynamic range (HDR) gaming monitor which provides excellent video quality with deep contrast and brightness.

It is best 4K gaming monitor with high frame rate and precise visualization. You can enjoy intense gaming with AMD Free Sync technology.

It provides rapid gaming with 1ms GTG response time along with superior 3840*2160 screen resolution.

You can customize the contrast and vibrancy with Brightness intelligence plus technology which helps to reduce eye strain and provides picture perfect content.

This product comes with 3 years on-site warranty. This multidevice connectivity monitor is provided with ports for HDMI 2.0, Display and DP 1.4.

This stylish ultra slim monitor is equipped with smart features which helps to concentrate in games with high performance.

This 28-inch monitor is TUV Rheinland certified for its excellent features. It is equipped with flicker free technology with low blue light and high contrast 3000:1.

These features helps the players with excellent video quality while playing game.

6. LG UltraGear 24 inch Gaming Monitor - 24GL600F

LG Ultragear is 24 inch Full HD display gaming monitor with next generation features gives you exceptional gaming experience.

Radeon freesync with customized game mode helps in fluid gaming motion. It is equipped with 144Hz refresh rate along with 1ms response time for rapid and smooth gaming.

It eliminates the lag with its real time combat features like Dynamic action sync, black stabilizer and crosshair.

Its flicker free technology and Anti-glare screen with blue light filter helps to reduce eye strain by providing high quality video.

You can tilt the monitor according to your preference. You can wall mount this gaming monitor which has 1080p maximum screen resolution.

It has TN panel with connectivity port provided for Display, HDMI and Headphone. It is the best gaming monitor with latest and advanced features.

7. LG Ultragear 32-inch Gaming Monitor- 32GK650

LG Ultragear 32-inch Gaming Monitor- 32GK650

LG ultra-thin bezel design gaming monitor with virtually borderless visual helps you to concentrate in games.

This monitor has 2560*1440 screen resolution which provides precise visual with 32 inch QHD clarity screen. Its 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time with high frame give you smooth, rapid gaming experience.

This ultragear gaming monitor is equipped with latest AMD Radeon freesync technology to eliminate screen tearing in games.

Its dynamic action sync helps to reduce input lag. You can customize your gaming environment according to your preference which includes crosshair, shapes, brightness, aspect ratio.

You have the access to switch between different game modes with a single click. FPS, RTS presets are done with a few clicks.

This fast response gaming monitor is provided with TN panel and Vesa wall mount. It has Black stabilizer with height adjustment feature.

It is provided with multiconnectivity port for Display, HDMI*2 and Headphone out. This is the best gaming monitor with 3 year warranty.

8. ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch Gaming Monitor - VP228H

ASUS 21.5- inch Full HD gaming monitor with 1ms GTG response time for rapid gaming and eliminates ghosting.

ASUS Game plus feature provides good gaming experience with crosshair and timer function. This features helps the players improve their gaming skill.

It has equipped with advanced flicker free technology which provides comfortable view and reduce eye strain while playing.

Asus blue light filter is a unique feature of this gaming monitor which is the best eye care technology.

It is TUV Rheinland certified gaming monitor for its superior features and reduced strain on eyes. It has extensive connectivity port for HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub ports.

It has in-built 1.5-Watt stereo speakers. This LCD gaming monitor has 100-240v power consumption. ASUS smart contrast ratio enhances display contrast.

VividPixel Technology provides crystal clear image. This is the best gaming monitor with needed features.  

9. Acer 24-inch Gaming Monitor- GN246HL

Acer is a leading brand in the market. GN246HL is a Full HD gaming monitor with 1080p standard screen resolution.

It has 16:9 aspect ratio which provides you high quality and real image visuals. This 24-inch monitor gives you ultra-smooth gaming experience with 144Hz refresh rate.

Its 1ms response time provides anti-ghosting for rapid gaming. You can enjoy 3D visuals while playing game with provided 3D glasses.

This LED 3D gaming monitor is equipped with twisted nematic film (TN Film) panel technology.

These technology is specially designed to provide comfortable long time gaming experience. It has provided with multiconnectivity port for HDMI, VGA and DVI.

It is built with perfect view angles with horizontal 170 degree and vertical 160 degree. This product comes with 3 years warranty.

This is the best gamine monitor with add on features which helps to improve gaming skills.

10. Samsung 27 inch Curved Gaming Monitor- LC27FG70FQWXXL

Samsung 27 inch Curved Gaming Monitor- LC27FG70FQWXXL

Samsung most trustable brand launched worlds first curve monitor. This unique monitor give you ultra-fast gaming experience with its low 1ms response time.

It has 1080p screen resolution with 27-inch screen size. You can get your desired high quality visual with advanced motion blur reduction technology.

Its 144Hz refresh rate helps you for smooth gaming. You can get a realistic color screen with Quantum Dot Technology.

This is the best gaming monitor with latest technology.  Its superior preset display for FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS enables multiple game modes.

OSD dashboard and Audio synced LED lighting are the enhanced feature of this gaming monitor.

Its solid ergonomically designed monitor with dual hinged arm provides at utmost comfort with precise screen display.

This best gaming monitor is built with VA panel technology with best 3000:1 contrast ratio.

This curve pattern monitor gives you excellent comfort and great view hence reducing the eye strain while playing.

AMD Freesync technology enables smooth gaming which is prohibited in fastest mode.

Hope this article would have guided you with needed information. Apart from technical specifications, its personal choice of each individual to choose their gaming monitor.

I can even help you out to concise your personal needs and make a perfect decision. Look for price, size and design of the gaming monitor.

So combine technical specification with personal aspects and get the appropriate gaming monitor which will be the best choice.

If you still have any concern, please comment your questions in comment box. I am glad to help you.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the vital factor to consider before choosing a display. It basically helps in clear visualization of the monitor. Higher resolution provides crystal clear display.

It is specified in pixels. 1080p is the standard configuration which is in use now. Though it is good and efficient, 1440p and 4K screen resolution are emerging in the market now.

 It is the next generation resolution which needs good graphics cards. The common monitor resolutions are:

  • 720p – 1280*720 lowest HD resolution.
  • 1080p – 1920*1080 HD resolution FHD. It is the current standard resolution for TV, Internet, games and smartphones.
  • 1440p – 2560*1440 QUAD HD. It is better than lowest HD resolution.
  • 4K – 3840*2160 Ultra HD (UHD). It has limited adoption to internet video streaming, video projection and commercial TV.
  • 8K – 7680*4630 Full Ultra HD (FUHD) Highest monitor resolution.

If you are going to buy a new gaming monitor, enter with 1080p resolution, since it is the industry standard screen resolution right now.

You can also look for upgraded 4K resolution. It is thriving fast to become standard resolution in market. 8K with higher resolution, it lacks commercial availability.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is the time taken to update with new image per second. It is the rate at which the display refreshes its image per second. It is measured in hertz (Hz).

You can get smooth and fast image change with higher refresh rate. 60 Hz is the typical refresh rate for PC. The gaming monitors comes with 144 Hz or 240 Hz higher refresh rate.

It helps in rapid movement for players while playing games. Cinemas just runs at 24 Hz. The refresh rate depends on the monitor you choose.

Response Time

Response time is the essential display specifications to be checked before buying a gaming monitor. It influence your monitor in visual quality. It is the determination of how quick a pixel can change color.

It is the time it takes for a pixel to change from one color to other. It is directly related to refresh rate. Response time affects the clarity and accuracy with display of moving objects. Response time refers to pixel response time.

It is determined by change from grey to grey, refers to time it takes for pixel to transits from grey to white and black again, rather than black to white and to black which takes long time.

Lowest response time is always a better choice. 1ms is the best lowest response time which provides good visual. TN (twisted nematic) panels achieve 1ms response time which is vital for competitive gamers.

IPS (in-plane switching) panel response time is 4ms which have trouble to display fast-moving objects. But IPS provides better viewing angle and better technology used in laptops, tablets, phones. IPS causes motion blur and ghosting.

TN LCD panels has poor viewing angles with better response time. It is used in gaming monitors for rapid response.

Size of the Screen

Screen size is the basic aspect of gaming monitor. It comes in different size. Size of the screen is diagonal length of the screen which is specified in inches.

Display resolution is related to screen size of the monitor. 24inch and 27 inch are most suitable gaming monitor size. 24 inch is more comfortable desktop size, whereas 27 inch is used for high resolution.

24 and 27 inches with QHD and UHD give you good image quality. If you select 24 inch monitor you are advised to sit 24-48 inches away from the screen to avoid eye tiredness.

Larger screen size may provide you with high resolution but it won’t be comfortable for the players who sit close to the monitor. Size of the screen has impact on viewing distance and type of the game you play.

The 24 inch monitor screen size are available with 1080p or 1440p resolution, which is ideal for competitive players. 27 inch screen is standard size which has enough space for productivity.

27 inch screen with 1440p resolution is most popular. 4K 27inch monitors are also available. If you want the bigger screen size then you can apt for 32 inch with 4K resolution. But these monitors comes with 60Hz refresh rates and runs at high frame rate. This suits the games that doesn’t need rapid response.

You should maintain the optimum distance when using big screen size. Ultra wide 34 inch screen is widely used with high frame rate and optimum graphic card. It gives you an excellent gaming experience with wide screen and clear view.

Super ultra-wide screen of 42 inches are also available in the market. But considering with all aspects 24-27 inches are ideal screen size with optimal resolution. It is also comfortable size which occupy minimal space and gives you good gaming experience.


Speakers provide best sound effect while playing games. It gives you more interest and concentration towards game. The best speakers provide quality sound.

Selecting the speaker depends upon the budget you decide, space you provide and preference for overall bass. It is a personal choice which is based on requirements.

Sound bars connected with lighting effect gives an impressive gaming effect. Most of the monitor does not comes with built in speaker. But getting a best monitor with built in speaker is a good choice. It is not a mandatory feature for gaming monitor but still you can enjoy if it is provided with sound bars.

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