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Top 10 Best AC Under 30000 in India 2020 (Split and Window)

Are you looking for best AC under 30000 in India?
Here you will get the list of best Air Conditioner under 30000 in India. In this list we have covered Top split and window air conditioners under 30k of various popular and well known brands like:- Hitachi, Voltas, Carrier, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitashi, Micromax, Sansui and many more.

Under 30000 budget is good enough for split AC of 1 to 1.2 ton capacity and windows air conditioner of 1.5 ton capacity. In ‘best AC below 30000 in India’ list we have also covered some 1.5 ton split ACs under this budget or very close to this budget.

The condenser of ACs comes in two variants: Copper condenser and Aluminium condenser. Copper condenser are costly still they are popular due better cooling capacity, longer life and lower maintenance. Choosing an AC with copper condenser is good decision. If you have lower budget then you can buy AC with aluminium condenser.

Best AC Under 30000 in India

Due to increasing electricity bills energy efficiency is also an important issue. In this list we have covered 3 star rating ACs to 5 star rating ACs. These stars define energy efficiency. More no of stars means higher energy efficiency. If you are a heavy user of AC then you should select 5 star AC. For normal use you can select a 3 star rated AC.

Now come to cooling capacity of AC. 1 ton AC is usually good enough for 100 sq. ft room size (10×10 feet). 1.2 ton is good for around 120 sq.ft and 1.5 ton is good for around 150 sq. ft room area.

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Now lets move on our list of top 10 best AC under 30000 in India. If you want to see full specification, latest price and offers then click on the respective links, you will get all the details there.

Top 10 Best AC Under 30000 in India 2020

[A] Best 1 Ton AC under 30000


1. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (123 CZA)

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You can enjoy the powerful cooling in this summer with this AC which is designed by several latest technologies like high ambient cooling system, 100 % copper coil, multiple filters, etc.

High ambient cooling is one of the best features which cool your room instantly even the temperature is high. Multiple filters are placed to remove allergens, odours and other harmful particles in order to provide fresh, clean and cool air.

Turbo mode is the other feature which cools your room very quickly. Active dehumidifier senses the humidity in the room and controls in the monsoon season. The on/off timer is available to set the desired time to on or off the AC.

Sleep mode is used to give comfortable cooling at night according to the temperature changes. Due to the use of 100% copper condenser coil, the durable AC provides cool air efficiently and effectively.

However, the stabilizer is not included in this AC, so you need to connect a stabilizer. This is not inverter AC.

2. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW511KUD)


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This is the Hitachi AC which has many advantages like a cost-effective, saves electricity bills and provides healthy, clean and cool air to your room. It is designed in a way to fit into the wall without any damage for the surroundings.

The pre-coated aluminium fins help to give better performance. You can change the direction of airflow by using two sets of fins. A digital panel is provided to set the temperature and other features.

Because of using the rotary compressor, this AC produces high-quality results which produce 3.4 units of cool air for each unit. One of the amazing features in this AC is Auto Climate Technology which can recognize the outside temperature and cools the room according to that. Auto humid control is the other useful feature which offers the right amount of air in order to keep you comfortable every time.

The Kaimin feature gives you comfortable sleep by adjusting the temperature to suit your body’s temperature. This AC indicates the time of cleaning the filter. It not only gives cool air but also removes the bacterial growth from the AC by using the Koukin filter.

However, it is suitable for small sized rooms.

3. Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (GSC 12RTC3-WRA)


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This best Godrej AC not only provides good cooling but also prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms such as dust, spores, bacteria, pollen and viruses. One of the important features is anti-corrosive Bluefin coating which is applied on the evaporator and the condenser in order to protect from rust and corrosion and to extend their durability.

The other important feature is the Healthy Auto blow function which includes antimicrobial and self-cleaning features. These are used to remove the moisture inside the indoor unit and to prevent harmful microorganisms.

The R32 refrigerant is used to boast zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. The Active Carbon filter is used to remove bacteria and unpleasant odours.

The Antibacterial filter removes the dust, pollen and viruses, and due to this cleaning the performance of AC increases. The Anti-dust filter eliminates the pollen, hair, dust and pet dander from your home in order to keep you healthy.

However, it is suitable for small sized rooms. It does not consist of on/off timer.

4. Midea 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC(12K 3 Star Santis Pro DlX)


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This is one of the best Split AC comes with amazing features like ‘Follow Me’, auto-cleaning, sleep mode etc. Ag+ nano Filter is one of the excellent features which eliminates the harmful bacteria and viruses and also stops them growing again.

The other feature includes HD (High Density) Filter which removes the dust particles and pollutants very well compared to conventional filters.

The sleep mode increases the temperature at the first two hours, and next stay constant in order to provide comfort cool air to you according to the temperature. ‘Follow Me’ feature uses an inbuilt sensor.

An Auto cleanser is used to clean the entire indoor unit by removing all the dust particles. This Midea AC consists of strong installation plate where pipes and wires are connected and reduce the space and time for installation.

However, it is suitable for only small sized rooms. It does not consist of Quiet mode.

5. Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (12K 3 Star Ester Neo(F001))

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This Carrier AC fulfills your total needs among the best cooling, control and comfort. There are several features which give you control over the AC.

My Mode is one of the excellent features which can activate your preferred AC temperature or fan speed by just one click. PM 2.5 Filter is the other amazing feature which disappears the micro particles and pollutants from the room.

The sleep mode gives you a comfortable sleep at night by automatically adjusting the temperature according to the climate. ‘Follow Me’ mode activates the AC’s inbuilt room sensor and adjusts the ambient temperature around the remote control.

You can save your favorite temperature or fan speed settings and activate them by a single click. By activating the auto cleanser, with low fan speed, the AC indoor unit first operates in cooling mode while the condensed water cleans the dust from the evaporator fins.

Next, it operates at fan-only mode and pulls wet air away which the total process helps to free from the germs in the indoor unit.

However, it is suitable only for small sized rooms. It does not consist of anti-bacteria filter.

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[B] Best 1.5 Ton AC under 30000

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (183 DZZ)


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This AC is designed with 100% copper condenser coil in order to increase its durability and performance. One of the best features is Dehumidification which controls the humidity that presents in the room.

The other amazing and peoples favorite feature is Turbo mode which gives an efficient cooling within seconds. The high EER rotary compressor is used to increase the performance of the AC.

It consists of many filters for different purposes. Anti-bacterial filter which removes the bacteria and viruses, Dust filter eliminates the dust from the indoor unit, Catechin filter, Acaro Bacterium filter and Silver ion filter where all the filters are used to disappear the dust particles, pollen, bacteria and viruses from the living place and to provide fresh and clean cool air to you and your family.

Auto restart function is used to restart your AC with previous settings when there is a power cut. You can set the time to on/off the AC in order to save energy. Due to change in climate at night, you need to change the temperature at midnight, but here you can end this problem with Sleep mode which adjusts the temperature according to climate.

However, it is a non-inverter AC. The stabilizer is not included in it, you should purchase it separately to protect from voltage fluctuations.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (185JY)

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This AC is designed with the powerful inner grooved copper tubes and blue hydrophilic aluminium fins which are easily resist to corrosion.

An LED display makes you easy to operate. By using the Crossflow air vent, you can enjoy the uniform cooling in every corner of your room. This AC is 5 stars rated and can save your electricity bills.

Self-diagnosis and Auto-restart features make you easy maintenance. On the other hand, the dehumidification feature controls the humidity and makes the room more pleasant and survivable.

The several types of filters like an anti-dust filter, nanosilver, catechin filter, active carbon, acaro bacterium and silver ion filters which makes the air purify from dust and pathogens. You can vary the settings easily using the LCD remote and also has glow buttons which helps you at night.

Dual temperature display is provided to indicate the set and room temperature. Moreover, turbo mode, sleep mode and timer mode helps you for easy convenience.

However, it does not support Wi-Fi connection and you need a separate stabilizer, it is not inbuilt.

3. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (183SZS/183SZS3)

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This is the AC which brings comfort and style to your home. This is designed with several latest features. Turbo mode is one of the best features which reliefs you instantly with high fan speed or maximum temperature.

You can sleep comfortably without any disturbance by switching on the sleep mode because it takes care of AC not to waste the electricity and excessive cooling.

Anti-dust Filter remains you the time to clean the indoor unit and remove every dust particle in the indoor unit. Self-diagnosis is the other important feature which helps you to detect the cause of any malfunctioning.

The other features like catechin filter and silver ion filter will kill the bacteria and viruses that present in the living place and give you cool and healthy air.

However, this is a non-inverter AC. The stabilizer is not built in this AC, you need to have a separate stabilizer.

4. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (185 DZA/185 DZA R32)


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You can fulfil all your needs among the best AC with this product which is designed with the latest features like turbo mode, high ambient cooling, fresh air ventilation, e-saver mode etc. Is the temperature (nearly 500C) is very high in your place? Don’t worry you can feel pleasant in your room with High Ambient cooling feature.

One of the other best features is Fresh Air Ventilation which brings fresh air in from outside to avoid the inside air stable.

By the e-saver mode, the AC becomes energy efficient and hence saves the electricity bills. The dust particles are removed from the AC to protect you from allergies by Anti-dust filters.

The moisture at your room is adjusted and makes you comfortable by Active dehumidifier. You can relief from the heat, work tensions and body pains within seconds by using Turbo mode. The worry of excess cooling and power consumption was dismissed by Sleep mode.

However, it is not an inverter AC and makes a slight noise. But it is good in quality, filtering germs and performance.

5. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (RAW318KUD)


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Hitachi is one of the most durable and can withstand any type of harsh conditions. The fan is used to blow the air through the fins. For the adjustment of the manual settings, the digital panel is provided. It has an impressive cooling capacity for a model of its size.

Auto Climate Technology is one of the features which can recognize the temperature in your place and automatically adjusts the air conditioner. The other feature includes Kaimin feature which adjusts the AC according to your body’s temperature.

This is mostly preferred at night to have a good sleep. You can operate the AC from any place of your home using LCD remote control. On/off timer is available to set the desired time to on/off the AC. You can adjust the fan speeds according to your need.

However, it requires a stabilizer, it is not inbuilt. It makes little noise.

6. Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (GSC 18 SGN 3 CWQR)


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Most of the electronic devices are harmful to the environment, but in this AC, they used a refrigerant R22 to keep the environment safe and healthy. This AC uses for not only to provide cool air but also to remove the dust, and bacteria from the room by using the Anti-bacteria filter.

The Dry mode is the other important feature which removes the excess humidity from the air in the summer and monsoon seasons.

The climate at the half-night changes and remains as cool. You need not worry to adjust the temperature at midnight, sleep mode cares for you to provide comfortable sleep. The Dust filter is used to remove the dust from the indoor unit.

If you are very tired and want to take cool air instantly, turbo mode is the best choice for it. Auto restart feature makes your operating easy by resetting the previous features when the power is back. You can operate the AC from anywhere of your home by using remote control.

However, it does not have a Wi-Fi connection to operate easily. This is not an inverter AC. Even though there are some issues with this AC but it is good in quality and performance.

7. Midea 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC (18K SANTIS PRO)

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This is the best inverter AC equipped with i-Check and i-Eco technology which makes the AC more durable and helps to perform efficiently. One of the best features is Follow Me mode which makes the AC maintain the room temperature according to the temperature around the remote control.

The amazing feature i-Eco energy saving reduces the energy consumption after the usage of 8 hours in order to decrease the electricity bills.

The i-Check technology indicates the error code in case of any malfunction for easy servicing.  On the other hand, Leakage detector detects the error code if there is any refrigerant leakage.

The other feature includes i-Cleanser which gets rid of the dust from the evaporator fins and also removes the wet air and bacteria for disinfecting the indoor unit.

There is a refrigerant cooling technology that helps the electrical components to cool down and to perform efficiently. Gear energy savings provides three options 50%, 75% and 100% to adjust the energy consumption levels to operate the power according to your need.

However, there is no Wi-Fi connection. The stabilizer is not inbuilt. You can buy stabilizer according to your need.

8. Carrier 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split AC (18K ESTER PRO)

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This is an AC designed with amazing features to provide not only the cool air but also healthy and safe purified air. If there is a power cut in your area, you no need to worry about starting and resetting the options, it automatically restarts with the previous settings.

The AC immediately switches off when there is a refrigerant leakage to protect your AC from damage. Super turbo mode is the most of the people favorite mode which gives you relief within seconds.

My Mode is one of the best features it has, in which you can save your preferred mode, fan and temperature settings and are activated by just one click. Follow Me makes the AC adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control.

Auto cleanser, Ag+ nano Filter and dust filter are used to disappear the germs, bacteria and viruses from the living place and provides clean and cool air to you.

Nexgen Dehumidifier helps you in reducing the humidity present at the room to make it comfortable. This AC is protected from rust and can withstand in any type of climate conditions by using five layers of protective coating.

However, it is not an inverter AC and stabilizer is required to protect from voltage fluctuations.

9. Voltas 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split AC (182 SZS)

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Are you feeling very hot? Then Voltas is an amazing choice for this summer. It has the warming feature which is useful in winter and also maintains the optimal humidity during the monsoons. So, it is useful in all the seasons according to your need.

The world’s best feature it has is High Ambient Cooling which gives you amazing cool air whatever be the temperature. This split AC not only provides you with cool air but also eliminates allergens and harmful particles from that cool air.

The Active dehumidifier is a feature which can recognize the humidity levels and controls according to it to have a comfortable atmosphere all over the year. The 100% copper condenser coil is used in manufacturing in order to increase durability and cooling efficiency. The timer feature is available which avoids you to wake up in the middle to switch off the AC.

However, it is a non-inverter AC. The stabilizer is needed to be purchased separately. Even though it has some flaws, it is fair at quality and performance throughout the year.

10. Mitashi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FSA318K50)

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Mitashi AC becomes an environment-friendly AC by using R32 refrigerant which helps in increasing power cooling and decreasing electricity bills. It also increases the durability of the compressor and reduces the depletion of the ozone layer.

Anti-dust filters disappear the dust, smog, pollen and bacteria from the living place. You can clearly identify the temperature readings and its functions by its digital display.

Two-way swing allows the vertical flow of air too in your room. You can remove the drain pipe from either the left or right side of the AC by two-way drainage for making installation easy.

Moreover, the multifold evaporator coil improves the efficiency of the cooling by increasing the coil size. Energy saver mode reduces the usage of power and gives excellent cooling. The moisture present in your room makes you uncomfortable, it was removed by the dehumidification process.

However, it is not an inverter AC. You should purchase the stabilizer separately.

You can compare price and features of all the above best AC under 30000 in India and choose the best under your budget.

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