Tips for your data security

Need few tips for your data security?

A password always provide data security and protects your privacy. Suppose that you have saved some important or personal data, pictures etc and suddenly your friend comes to your home, and if he/she ask you to use your PC and you don’t want to lose your privacy. To avoid such data security situation you should always make such settings in your PC so that your personal data may remain safe. Here we are giving few tips for your data security.

BIOS password

You can protect your pc through BIOS password. For setting password in BIOS , press DEL or F2 key at startup time then enter into the BIOS setting . Here you can set password.

Hard Disk password

You can also set password in your hard disk to provide data security. But it is very risky because if you forgot your hard disk password then you will loose all your data because there is no option to reset your password or data recovery option. So if you choose this option of data security then you must carefully note down your hard disk password to avoid any trouble in future.

Zip folder

You can also protect your personal data through zip folder. You can make a zip folder in any of your directory and set a password in it , then keep all important document in it.

Different user account

If your pc is also used by some other person(s) , you can make different user account for each user and set password for them it will help in data security. In this way you can control your privacy and protect your data. For making user account on your pc go to control panel , then double on user account and make your user account.

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